Life Membership’s Awarded
Over the past few months, we’ve held our two Annual General meetings due to covid and a restructure of our reporting years. Here it was recognized the awarding of Life Membership to the following members for their time and efforts spent making the Western Port Basketball Associating what it is today

Life Membership’s Awarded

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Over the past few months, we’ve held our two Annual General meetings due to covid and a restructure of our reporting years. Here it was recognized the awarding of Life Membership to the following members for their time and efforts spent making the Western Port Basketball Associating what it is today.

Michael Barrow, Michael has served in various roles around the association, his involvement with WPBA started off as a Team Manager for his daughters’ VJBL sides, where he then stepped into coaching after they finished playing. His VJBL involvements weren’t just on court, as he served as our VJBL delegate for many years and still serves as a member of the VJBL board.

Behind the scenes Michael acted as a member of the General committee completing roles as secretary and treasurer and further to this was the Association Secretary handling all consumer affairs and legal requirements.

Many of you would know Michael for his dulcet tones over the microphone as our Big V Game MC for the last 10+ years. Michael’s involvement at the association over the past 15 years is one filled with importance, tremendous knowledge but most important care for our great club.

Current President George Yerondais on Michael, “Michael is a deserving nomination for Life Member.  He has been and continues to be a contributor to the Association in many ways and is a well-respected and loved member of our club.  An advisor to the GC on constitutional matters, handy man around the club and our ongoing VJBL delegate, Michael continues to voluntarily commit his time and efforts to the WPBA wherever he can. His efforts should never be understated, and he will always be appreciated and much loved for his long service and undying commitment to the WPBA.  Thank you, Michael Barrow and congratulations, on this honour.

Brendan Turner, Brendan has been a member of the association for 20+ years again completing roles not just on court but off it as well and further to this being an ongoing sponsor of our senior program for 10+ years

Brendan is a stalwart of our boy’s program where he stood as coach of the u18 program for many years in these times he played a crucial role in the transition to senior basketball. He assisted in the startup of our Country Basketball League program for the Steelers. This led to a heavy involvement in other Basketball Victoria Country pathway programs seeing many junior’s roll through skills days, state teams and selected programs.

Off court he held the role of President for a significant period of time and more recently assisted our Senior Committee and sat on coaching selections for our Big V programs

“Every Association has one of those people who just can’t hang up the boots.  Driven by improvement and success through opportunity, they will step forwards every time they see the chance to contribute or offer advice.  Brendan Turner is that person.  His ongoing commitment to the basketball program is admirable and he is constantly looking to put irons in the fire to improve our Big V program.  Brendan has coached at the club at all levels and his network of basketball people in the wider basketball community is quite amazing.  His ability to connect people and suddenly they become Western Port people is unparalleled.  We thank Brendan for his commitment and efforts over the years to make the WPBA.” George Yerondais on Brendan’s involvement around the association.

Samantha Johnston, Sam’s involvement with WPBA like most started as parent who team managed a domestic team this then turned into managing a VJBL side where she did this for 7 years.

Sam is someone who most would not know around the association but served as our secretary for ? years, many of which were after her children moved away from the sport. Sam passion and love the association was undeniable in always wanting what was best for the association.

Finally, George on Samantha’s nomination, “I had the pleasure of being on the General Committee with Sam for several years before Sam retired from her position.  Some of Sam’s greatest attributes were her bubbly and pleasant nature and her big heart.  Sam was a loyal contributor to the WPBA for many, many years and one of her most endearing qualities was that she was always going to do it just for one more year.  I think that one more year extended to three or four while I was working with her on the committee, and it just seemed like she felt she always had more to give.  Sam continually put in over and above for the club and was one of the most pleasant and reliable people I had the pleasure of working with at the WPBA.  Thank you, Sam, for all of your time and hard work over the many years you served at the club.  

To Michael, Brendan and Samantha we thank you for your many years of service to the Western Port community in striving to make us the greatest we can be whilst providing our members and players the highest of opportunities.

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Western Port Steelers “Rep Prep”

Western Port Basketball is excited to offer “Rep Prep” in Term 3 before the upcoming VJBL tryouts in Early October.

Term 2 Elite ‘Steelers’ Camp with WPBA Import Sam Keltos & NBL1 & AFLW Star Eliza West!

Western Port Basketball Association is excited to announce Term 2 Elite Holiday Clinics with WPBA Import Samantha Keltos & NBL1/AFLW star Eliza West!

Positive Psychology Workshop with Dr Ben Robbins

Last night Western Port Basketball had the pleasure of hosting Dr Ben Robbins, Head of Health & Wellbeing at the St Kilda football club. 

Small Group and Individual Training Available Now!

Western Port Steelers Imports and Coaches are now offering personalised individual and small group training sessions for those interested in improving their skills and understanding of the game of basketball. 

APM Supporting WPBA All Abilities

Western Port Basketball are excited to announce the sponsorship of APM employment services for our All Abilities program held on Thursday Nights.

Steelers take the SafeTALK Course

Thanks to our partnership with THIRVE and the investment of Health and Wellbeing made by the association we were able to gain the chance to run our VJBL Coaches and Team managers through the Half Day safeTALK Course

Monday Night Semi Finals Postponed

Due to the current lightning issues present within the Somerville Recreation Centre; semi final games scheduled to be played on the 28th of March will be postponed until the 4th of April. Grand final games will now be played on the 11th of April (First Monday of the school holidays). We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Jeff Wignall Ford supporting the Steelers

Western Port Steelers are grateful to have the support of Jeff Wignall Ford for the 2022 Big V season.

Term 1 Holiday Camps with Western Port Basketball and Belgravia Leisure

Registrations are open for the upcoming Western Port Basketball Association & Belgravia Leisure Term 1 Holiday Basketball Clinics.

Peninsula Magic Girls Clinic and Open Training Session

With the Winter season around the corner, brand new girl’s only club ‘Peninsula Magic’ are offering a free training session for those players looking to get involved in basketball.

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